REPORT: Paul Ince Gives Verdict on Manchester United’s Paul Pogba Situation in Boost to Juventus

Paul Pogba Situation
Manchester United and France midfielder Paul Pogba walks on the pitch prior to a gala football match between All Star France and Guinea at the Vallee du Cher Stadium in Tours, central France, on December 29, 2019, as part of the "48h for Guinea" charity event. (Photo by GUILLAUME SOUVANT / AFP) (Photo by GUILLAUME SOUVANT/AFP via Getty Images)

The Paul Pogba situation at Manchester United is highly controversial, dividing the fanbase fairly evenly. On one hand, he is a fantastic player who could bring much quality to an already brilliant midfield. But, on the other side of the argument, he has caused a lot of uncertainty over his future on numerous occasions, even publicly stating that he wants to leave the club. Recently, former player Paul Ince gave his verdict on what Ole Gunnar Solskjaer should do with the dramatic Frenchman.

Paul Ince Gives Verdict On Manchester United’s Paul Pogba Situation in Boost to Juventus

What Ince Said

As reported by The Evening Standard, Paul Ince has a strong opinion on this matter.
“They’ve got to resolve the (Paul) Pogba situation,” Ince stated. “It has to be resolved. You can’t keep having what we’re having every six, seven, eight weeks. He’s going, he’s staying, the agent comes out. Pogba is not bigger than Manchester United, no player is bigger than Manchester United.

“The way Ole is going, you don’t want any disruptions. He either knuckles down and starts performing the way he should be performing for the money he cost, or they sell him.

“The biggest thing is for Man United is (Bruno) Fernandes coming in. Before that you are saying, ‘We need Pogba in there’. Now because he’s been out injured and Fernandes has come in, all of a sudden, ‘Do we need Pogba in there?’

“Does he get in there? I know he (Solskjaer) likes (Scott) McTominay. (Nemanja) Matic has come in and started playing well. Does Pogba start every game?

“If Ole thinks he’s not going to, he might think he can cash in and bring one or two other players in. But the saga needs to be sorted out before the start of next season because next season is a big season for Ole. A big, big season.

“But I like the way they are going now, I like what I’m seeing. I can’t make judgement yet. They are not there yet where Liverpool and City are, but signs are good and that’s a good thing to say because I didn’t see those signs a year ago.

“I like what I’m seeing. I like the place and I like the players they are bringing in. You’ve got to give Ole time now to take them where they need to be, which is challenging for the league title.”

What This Could Mean For Juventus

Pogba’s former side Juventus are considering bringing him back to the San Siro this summer, despite Coronavirus concerns.

If Ince’s view is also that of the Manchester United hierarchy, then the decision of whether to leave or not is likely to be Pogba’s. While he has the opportunity to stay in a very promising United squad and play alongside new star man Bruno Fernandes, Juventus are European giants, and make for a fantastic option should he want to take it.

With Pogba, his agent, and even family members having made remarks on this matter, it seems that leaving Manchester is the preference of the 27-year-old, so Juventus may well get their man in the summer despite experiencing monetary hardships.

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