Underrated Players 2020: Sergio Romero

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Many blogs and companies have created lists titled ‘Top 100 Footballers in the World’ or ‘The Best XI in the World’. These lists are fun to look at and imagine all these great players working together, but some have unimaginable fees, which make transfers seem almost impossible.

Underrated Players 2020: Sergio Romero

Starting at the Back

These lineups are nothing more than fantasies, so here at Last Word On Football, we wanted to create a more useful and realistic list. Here are our picks for the bargain XI of 2020. These are the players whose market values are much lower than what they bring to the pitch, or maybe their club is willing to let them go for a low price. This is the first entry into this series and we will be starting with arguably the most important position, the goalkeeper, with Manchester United’s Sergio Romero.

Our Pick – Sergio Romero

Club – Manchester United

Age – 32

Strengths – Reflexes, Penalty Saving, Saving Close-Range Shots

Weaknesses – Concentration

Market Value – £3.06 million

Our Estimate – £19.96 million

Sergio Romero: An Overview

Sergio Romero is a top-class keeper, playing between the sticks for massive teams Manchester United and Argentina. United have chosen their top keeper to be David de Gea, leaving Romero to handle cup ties. This is an interesting situation; Manchester United recognize his prowess, so they play him often, but they still keep de Gea as their number one choice. This choice has come under pressure recently, as de Gea is in a run of bad form.

However, Romero continues to impress, with the much better stats between the two. In eight appearances this season, Romero has six clean sheets and has only conceded two goals. On the other hand, De Gea has played 24, conceded 28, and only had five clean sheets. Based on those stats it seems like Romero should be the starter. De Gea is valued around 17 times higher than Romero, which completely undervalues him. He may be 32, but he still gets the results. He may be retiring in a few years, but for now, he is a cheap pickup for any club in a pinch. With so many strengths and at such a low price, Romero is a steal.

The first slot is filled, and between the sticks, an underpriced and potent keeper is ready. Next week we will get to the field positions, starting with the right-back.

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