A Lack of Signings Does Not Mean Disaster

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The lack of signings at both Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United do not have to spell disaster. These clubs are hugely successful and have the talent to easily compete in the top level of the Premier League. However, in this modern game, with new levels of spending, they really ought to be matching their rivals’ expenditure.

A Lack of Signings is Not a Disaster


Zero. That is how many signings Tottenham Hotspur have made so far. In comparison, rivals Arsenal have made five new signings and Liverpool have made six signings. There is clearly a big gap in these figures. Similarly, there is some logic behind the large difference also. Arsenal finished sixth and Liverpool fourth. Thus, it could be argued that at least one of these clubs should be spending more than Spurs. After all, they finished in lower positions in the table and should thus strengthen their squad ahead of the new season. However, this would then suggest that Spurs’ squad is perfect. Now, this is not an accurate representation of the squad, since they are yet to win a trophy under Pochettino.

Furthermore, the squad still lacks a striker to back up Harry Kane. He is a consistent goalscorer, yet he has been prone to injury and some dry spells. Fernando Llorente has shown some flashes of promises in pre-season but he has failed to impress so far in his competitive career. This leaves the likes of Heung-Min Son and even Lucas Moura, two players that are much better attacking from the midfield or wing. However, this has been the situation for much of the past few seasons at Spurs. The club will get by, providing Kane stays fit and on form.

Nineteen Point Gap

Manchester United captured Fred’s signature for a cool £52m. He is shaping up to be their big signing for the summer. However, Mourinho has complained that his side lack the signings to make any real progress this season. He posited the point that rivals Liverpool were spending a great deal of money and that if they didn’t match that, they would be left behind. Nevertheless, they seem to be one big step in front of Spurs on that front. They finished second last season, but still almost twenty points off Manchester City. Thus, they are in the precarious position of being the second best team in England, yet still lacking the resources to surpass Manchester City.

Nevertheless, if they were to secure another signing before the end of the window, they would still be a strong position this upcoming season. Mourinho wants a new centre-back and has targeted Toby Alderweireld and Harry Maguire. The pursuit of Maguire may have been a ruse to hurry the Alderweireld deal but is still yet to work.

If Spurs were to sell Toby Alderweireld to a Premier League rival, it would be a disaster. In one move, the club will rip the heart of their defence and implant it within United’s weakest link. This is a move that must be avoided at all costs by Spurs. But, if United can pull it off, they will address a problem area.


If both clubs were to make no more new signings, they would still be able to compete in the Premier League. Their rivals spend vast amounts to reach and surpass their levels. However, both sides still retain key players that helped them reach their goals last season. It would be a massive boost for either club to address their weaker parts of the squad, a boost that could help them to avoid the nineteen point gap that Manchester City opened up last year.

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